B.E.S.- E18/25/32 Chocolate Enrober and Bottomer



Storage Tank: heated and thermostatically controlled with double tube elements for an acurate tempering temperature

Frame: Entirely stainless steel

Storage Cabinet: Heated and thermostatically controlled, with two removeable tanks with a capacity of 28 pounds of melted chocolate each, fitted with transport wheels. Enrober can be supplied separately.

Lifting Wheel: With speed controls, the wheel lifts the chocolate coming either from the coating-flow hopper or from the fummer for the bottom coating, or for moulds.

Blower: With speed control for removing the excess of coating chocolate

Removable wiremesh frame: Driven from the driving wheel, with choice of wiremesh band 180mm or 250mm wide.

Take-off table: 1000mm long, driven from the wiremesh frame.

Power Specifications: 220v/Single phase.


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